Monday, May 23, 2011

An honor received

I received what I consider to be a very rare honor. I have been chosen by a submissive to be her Dom. It is  a strange set of circumstances that brought it about. Which I wont delve into without making sure she is ok with it first. It will be long distance for now, and that will present quite a challenge to maintaining control and keeping things exciting I am sure. However I do love a challenge and accept this one happily.. W/we have known each other for a bit over a month and while things are still in the developing and training stages I am confident things will go well. I have a lot to teach, and she is a very willing student.

I tasked her recently with spending a day or two to come up with three names that she felt good about from which I would choose  what My special name for her would be.  From her list I chose wren. When I asked her why she had chosen wren she responded that a wren was kind of plain, not flashy or colorful. Not anything special to look at.  I knew this was how she saw herself ( yes My wren has doubts about herself, but W/we are working on them). When I told her My choice I explained to her that I chose it because while yes a wren isn't colorful or flashy like a peacock might be, it still has a beauty all its own. Even though a wren is a tiny little bird it can fly and soar just like an eagle can.


  1. What a lovely name. Congratulations, I can't wait to hear all about your new relationship.

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  3. Indeed, this is a happy occassion! GRATZ!

    May i ask, how long has it been since You've had a D/s relationship, Draugluin?

    warm wishes,

    kitten for Sir

    p.s. previous post was deleted because kitten left out the letter "a" in happy and the Virgo in her could not have that! lol

  4. Looking forward to reading more about you and your lovely wren! Congratulations to you both!


  5. just wanted to pop in and say thank you to all the well-wishers! so...Thank you :)


  6. Congratulations Draugluin and wren. I wish you both many fantastic days ahead as you continue on your relationship.