Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Made me smile

My wren made Me smile today.  Well she makes Me smile everyday, but this was one of those special moments.  When she got home from her class I knew she needed a little relaxation. I instructed her to strip down to her panties ( panties stay on during that time of the month) and dance absolutely carefree for 10 minutes. Now I thought that was an easy instruction. Well I failed to take in the submissive factor.  I immediately got a text back from wren asking if it was ok if she listened to music while she danced. Now I had expected  that she would just want to listen to music when she danced, but I didn't specifically say music was ok the first time.  The thought of My pretty little wren dancing around the room with no music just made me smile. Well I did give her permission for music.

Afterward I asked her if she was more relaxed and she said yes. I have instructed her to dance the same way every day( minus the panties when her monthly visitor is gone) after class to relax her. math isnt a very easy subject for her, but she has to have this class to move on to her degree work. It will make a good way to relieve some of her stress from class.



  1. *smiles* A great post of a happy time!

  2. *smiles* Just wanted to say thank you Dannah for all your wonderful comments