Tuesday, June 28, 2011


wren and I met a couple in game that are into the lifestyle. W/we exchanged fetlife profiles. The young lady from the other couple had several photos up of her  tied up. wren and I discussed about ropeplay and W/we are both very interested in it. I had a few ideas for things to try, even tho W/we are so far apart.  Today I received a text from wren asking if she could call me after her class because she had an idea.  I let her know that I would call her at home. When I called she asked if I wanted to see pictures of her tied up, or if our talk about ropeplay was just me expressing an interest in it. My jaw dropped.  My little wren who was so worried I would not like how she looked  a month ago, who until a week ago had not sent me a picture that I hadn't told her to take was now offering me pictures of herself tied up. wren explained that she had  a couple friends that are into ropeplay, and she could ask them to do some rope bondage on her and take pictures for me.


I am ecstatic. Grinning from ear to ear since we talked. This is a huge step for My wren in overcoming that ghost that haunts her. I have worked hard to  help her see herself as I see her, and  its paying off.  I am so immensely fucking proud of her right now!


  1. That is a huge and wonderful step in your relationship.

  2. Absolutely terrific Draugluin. So wonderful to hear all of this, especially your wren coming along so well and with confidence. Well done to you both. I can see you are proud of her, I hope that also equates to you being proud of yourself as well, you are doing wonders in her progression and self confidence, that is something you should be proud of. I and kitten have you in our well wishes daily. Sir W for kitten

  3. GRATZ "D" - it is so good to see the progress You and wren are making as a D/s couple! The beginning stages in which You learn her and she learns You is precious and allows her to accept your Dominance and submit to you deeper and deeper as times goes by, so i am glad to see you treasuring these moments.


    May Your relationship blossom and drop seed simultaneously, like the lotus flower, creating a field of dreams, filled with fragrance and joy!

    --kitten for Sir