Sunday, June 12, 2011

The next step

My wren received her training collar and cuffs on Thursday. I ordered them from The Collar Factory and am very pleased with how  they look on her. She knew they were coming and had been waiting anxiously. Her class on Thursday was cancelled and she told Me she would be camping out the mailbox all day. In My mind I pictured her perched atop the mailbox like a vulture waiting for the poor unsuspecting mailman to come by. She texted Me when the package arrived as she had been instructed to do. I called her and could tell she was  dying to open the package.

Now here is where My inner sadist kicked in. I  teasingly suggested that it might be better if I had her wait till later that night to open  the box.  I could tell by the groan that came over the phone  that making her wait  would probably not be the best thing.  I told her to open it, and it got very quiet on the phone. Now if you read the post  before this one about super powers of a Dom...yeah I could hear her smiling.  I have explained ot her that this is a training collar, not a permanent collar.  I could hear the change in her voice when I told her that. I quickly explained to her that even though this collar wasn't a permanent on e that it didn't mean  she wouldn't be getting a permanent collar. I told her that  once W/we are sure that this is the right thing for both of U/us that  I would be getting her  a collar for her to wear always that would signify the lasting bond between us.

For anyone who is interested wren has started her own blog at she will be posting three times a week. More if she wishes. I know she will appreciate having responses to any posts she makes.


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  1. What a special time for both sub and Master!

    Congratulations on finding such a lovely girl, Sir!